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      25-75X70 Spotting Scope with tripod
      2012-09-13 Click Times:
      25-75X70 Spotting Scope with tripod
      Model : 08-257570

      1) Model: 08-257570
      2)Magnification: 25X-75X Zoom
      3)Objective diameter: 70mm
      4)Exit pupil diameter: 3.9-1.3mm
      5) Eye relief: 16-14mm
      6) Close Focus Distance: 13m
      7)Coating: Fully coated (Blue coated, green coated or ruby coated)
      8) Color: Green
      9) Unit size: 290X73X145mm
      10) Unit weight:1100g
      11)With tripod

      Packing Details:
      1)Outer packing: 10sets/ctn
      2) G.W.: 21kgs
      3)N.W.: 20kgs
      4) Carton size: 400x420x550
      5) Inner packing: with a soft pouch a nd a color box